Who we are

Donor Alliance is the non-profit organ and tissue procurement agency for Colorado and most of Wyoming. By respectfully working with the families of organ and tissue donors, maintaining partnerships with hospitals, educating residents and inspiring them to sign up on donor registries, we are able to save lives through organ and tissue donation and transplantation.

Against all odds

A note from our leaders

While 2020 will largely be remembered for the time we all physically spent apart, we should all be proud of the way our organization and community came together. Like most organizations, 2020 was challenging for Donor Alliance, but despite all of the hurdles and pivots, we were able to mitigate the harshest impacts of the pandemic together to record our most successful, lifesaving year yet. 

We are honored by the generosity of our donors and their families.  We remain grateful for the collaboration of our incredible partners, and the resiliency and determination of our staff and volunteers, which allowed us to continue propelling our mission and advocating for donation and transplantation. Of course, none of our work would be possible without the generosity of donors and their families, who give the gift of life. 

For the first time in a single year, more than 600 lives were saved through kidney, liver, heart, lung and pancreas transplants. We saw a 13% increase in organ donors and facilitated more organ transplants than ever by 4%. Despite this record-breaking success, we are reminded that there are thousands of people right here in our community waiting for a lifesaving transplant. Our dedication to educate, inspire and collaborate with our partners and communities remains steadfast.   

Thank you for your partnership and dedication to helping save lives through organ and tissue donation and transplantation. 

Jennifer Prinz
President and CEO

Mary M. White
Chair of the Governing Board of Directors

Jennifer Prinz

President and CEO

With a tenure of more than 25 years in donation and transplantation, Jennifer assumed the role of CEO on July 1, 2020.

Mary M. White

Chair of the Governing Board of Directors

Mary M. White brings 40 years of healthcare experience and nine years of service to the Donor Alliance Board of Directors.

Our mission

Donor Alliance saves lives through organ and tissue donation and transplantation.

Our vision

Maximize all donation opportunities.

Leadership teams

2020 Governing Board of Directors

Mary White (Chair)
Tom Gronow (Chair Elect)
Kevin Smith (Secretary/Treasurer)
Brian Davidson, MD
Kim Griffiths
Judy Hutchison
Brad Kornfeld
Elizabeth Pomfret, MD
Deb Smith

2020 Emily Keyes - John W. Buckner Organ & Tissue Donation Awareness Fund Advisory Board

Jennifer Prinz (Chair) 
Greg Raymond (Secretary) 
Tom Cycyota 
John Gutowski 
Ed Jacobs 

Executive Leadership

President and CEO, Jennifer Prinz, RN, MPH, CPTC, CTBS

Chief Operating Officer, Jennifer Muriett, RN, MSN, CPTC

Chief Financial Officer, Matt Lovetro, CPA, CGM

2020 Advisory Board

Melissa Greenwald, MD
Kelli Jantz, RN
Joe Albietz, MD
Mike Bauer, MD
Vidya Bhandaram, MD
Kathy Boyle, RN, PhD
Colin Buchanan, MD
David Campbell, MD
James Caruso, MD
Joseph Cleveland, MD
Tom Collins, MD
Scott Davis, MD
Sara Dionne, PhD
Katie Evers
Katherine Fitting, MD
John Gutowski
Thomas Heffron, MD
Alyssa Johnston

Peter Kennealey, MD

Jim Pomposelli, MD

Marcy Rubic

Lyn Schaffer

Trisha Godard Shepherd

Michael Wachs, MD

Mary Warner, MD

Michael Weyant, MD

Trevor Wright

Paving the path for our organization

The Donor Alliance leadership team sets the mission, vision and strategies that have propelled the organization to success and will continue to maximize donation into the future. 

After serving as chief operating officer for more than a decade, Jennifer Prinz assumed the role of president and chief executive officer of Donor Alliance in 2020. She succeeded Sue Dunn who retired after leading the organization for more than 15 years.